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        As a 12-year-old girl, I remember I got my very first digital camera. I remember one particular day I was over my childhood friend's house and I noticed a bright fuschia cocktail dress sitting in her closet. It was her mother's and she told me she loved it but never had a reason to wear it. Out to the garden we went. I snapped photos of her twirling in the dress. Her smile was contagious, she was truly glowing. She told me as an insecure 13- year-old that she actually felt beautiful. That she felt like her mom would be proud to see her wearing her beloved dress that was passed down.  

I recently met up with this friend at a bar, 6 years later, to chat, have some drinks and reminisce on our good times. She brought up the photo shoot. She brought up how much she loved the photos and how she'll never forget that moment that she frolicked in her backyard in her mother's dress. She explained how she was so vulnerable and going through a lot of family trauma at the time with her parents splitting up and having to adjust to a new stepmother who belittled her and ultimately made her go into severe depression. She said those photos are one of the only good memories she has from that time in her life. We cried over Bloody Mary's that night and it was a reminder why I chose to pursue photography in the first place. I will never forget the smile on her face, even though she was so young and hurting so much. Our mini session was so much more than the photos to her. Although her mother lived 2,000 miles away at the time, she was still connected to her through the dress and through the photos.

 As a photographer, I just want to make my client feel beautiful, to make them feel worthy and to be there to capture a time in their life they can never get back. We are all human, we all have a story. I'm just here with my camera, ready to capture it. 









Are you based in Arizona?


   I recently moved from a small town in central Florida to Scottsdale, Arizona. I was doing portrait photography professionally in Florida for 3 years and moved to Arizona in 2018.

What equipment + editing software do you use? 

   I use a full frame Sony camera with prime lenses! I used to be a die-hard Canon fan until I discovered Sony's mirrorless cameras. I use Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Portrait Pro Studio to edit my photos. 


What is your photography style?

   I would say my photos are vivid, energetic and clean-edited. I like to take natural light photos around sunset, so I can bring out the colors of the sky in my editing as well as create that halo glow around my clients. 

Do you take studio photos? 

   I currently do not take studio photos but can rent a studio upon request. I prefer to specialize my photography in natural light graduation photos and wedding photos - which don't require a studio setup. I do hope to open my own studio in the future, mostly for consultations and meet and greets.  

Want to hear more about my journey with photography?

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